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Caesar's Civil War Timeline

56BC-April The tiumvirate of Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus is renewed

55BC Second consulship of Pompey and Crassus

53BC Crassus is killed fighting the Parthians at Carrhae

52BC Pompey is consol alone

52-50BC Tensions rise between Pompey and Caesar

49BC-Jan. 10 or 11 Caesar crosses the Rubicon. Into the de-militarized zone of Rome

49BC-Jan. 17-18 Pompey and consuls leave Rome

49BC-Feb. 21 Corfinium falls to Caesar

49BC-Mar. 17-18 Pompey leaves Brundisium

49BC-Apr. 1-3 Caesar calls the senate in Rome

49BC-Aug. 2 Caesar defeats Afranius and Petreius near Ilerda and Varo-conquers Spain

49BC-Apr.-Oct. Caesar's forces begins siege of Massilia

49BC-Aug.-Sept? King Juba defeats Curio in Africa

49BC-Oct? Defeat of C. Antonius in Illyria

49BC-Dec Caesar is in Rome starting his first dictatorship

48BC Caesar made consul for second time along with P. Servilius

48BC-Jan. 4-5 Caesar crosses with some of his army to Illyria

48BC- Spring? Caelius Rufus and Milo rebel against Caesar in Italy

48BC- Jan-July Caesar defeated in campaign of Dyrrachium

48BC- Aug. 9 Caesar squashes Pompey at the Battle of Pharsalus

48BC- Sept. 28 Pompey is killed in Egypt after fleeing from Pharsalus

48BC- Oct. 2 Caesar arrives in Alexandria, Egypt.

47BC Caesar made dictator again for 1 year

47BC- Mar. 27 Caesar defeats the rebelious forces of Ceopatra's brother.

47BC- Aug. Caesar defeats Pharnaces at Zela in Pontus

47BC- Dec. 25-9 Caesar crosses to what is now Tunisa in N. Africa

46BC Caesar made consul for the third time and dictator for another 10 years

46BC- Apr. 6 Caesar defeats Pompeians at Thaspus

46BC- Apr. 9 Marcus Cato Porcicus commits suicide at Utica

46BC- July. 25 Caesar returns to Rome

46BC- Sept. Caesar celebrates a quadruple triumph (Gaul, Egypt, Africa)

46BC- Nov. Caesar heads to Spain

45BC-July. 25 Caesar made consul (4th time) and dictator for life

45BC-Mar. 17 Pompey's sons are defeated at Munda

45BC-Oct. Caesar returns to Rome and celebrates Spanish triumph

44BC Caesar made consul for 5th time

44BC-Feb, 15 Antony attempts to crown Caesar at the Lupercalia

44BC-Mar. 15 Caesar is murdered

1. Civil Wars by Julius Caesar. translated by A. G. Peskett

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