Saturday, July 18, 2009

Roman Military Equipment

From The Punic Wars To The Fall Of Rome,
2nd Edition
Mike Bishop and Jon Coulston. Oxbow Books, 2006.

I am very much into the things of history. Helmets, swords, etc. are really quite sculptural—like art pieces. Indeed, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY has an entire wing devoted to armor. That is just a little aside explaining my interest in such objects. Of course, the historian’s value in armor and weapons goes beyond aesthetics. The study of Roman military artifacts informs our view in how they waged war. Typically, when archaeologist discovery the object is published in one of a number of journals. Bishop and Coulston have done an excellent job gathering the most relevant finds into one text—presenting the discoveries that have informed our present understanding of Roman arms, armor and equipment.

The official website has
corrections to the published text.

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