Friday, October 2, 2009

Gaullic Shield Sculpture from Nîme, France

I'm trying to make a habit of posting ancient shield blazons as I come across them. I hope the graphics will be of use to wargamers, reenactors, and illustrators. This Roman sculpture depicts a Gaulic shield with carnyx. I scanned this from Espérandieu's Recueil Général des Bas-Reliefs de la Gaule Romaine et Pré-Romaine. Vol I, page 297. 1908. This Roman relief of captured equipment was found in Nimes, France. Note: crescent shapes also appear on the Gaullic shields on the Arc d'Orange.


  1. Hi Andrew

    This is a treasure trove of information you've built up on the Roman world. I'll certainly be spending a lot of time on here researching background information for the Late Roman army that I'm collecting and painting.

    Please keep the posts coming.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Thanks Peter. Most of the posts here are 50BC - 100 AD, but I have been planning an illustration of Dark Age shields (Arthurian, Saxon, Viking). I feel like I need to address the inaccurate descriptions of shields in Cornwell's novels!