Dead Silence – Blu-Ray Movie Review

Watch the movie for free at 123movies or Soap2day. James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the creators of Saw, team up again for this modern day horror/thriller that is sure to keep you holding back your screams!

Leigh Whannell and James Wan Create Substance and Style

It’s quite difficult to find a good horror/thriller film nowadays. So many filmmakers confuse horror with excessive gore and special effects while all too often a juicy storyline to really get the audience thinking is overlooked. This is where Aussies Leigh Whannell (writer) and James Wan (director) really make their mark. They so grandly put themselves on the map thanks to the success of their first film, Saw (2004). The beauty of their movies, Dead Silence (2007) being no exception, is that they work with such an engaging plot that they invariably top off with a gripping and exciting conclusion. One that has you guessing until the very end. It’s a beautiful thing.

Dead Silence – Ryan Kwantan and Donnie Wahlberg Star

Aussie heart throb and True Blood star Ryan Kwanten stars as Jamie Ashen, a man who returns to his hometown in order to find clues behind the mysterious death of his wife. The arrival of a ventriloquist’s doll on his doorstep the night of her murder (and let’s face it, dolls and dummys in movies are bloody scary!) sparks even further interest in the investigation.

Unfortunately for Jamie, he’s the number one suspect and all his swooning around isn’t doing him any favors. With Detective Lipton (Donnie Wahlberg) hot on his case, Jamie needs to find answers quickly. Oddly enough, all the evidence links back to Mary Shaw, a ventriloquist who died decades before, although rumors in this small town suggest that her spirit may in fact live on. The only problem for Jamie now is whether he can prove his suspicions to the police and even if he can, will he be safe?

Dead Silence – Clever and Engaging Horror

As I hinted at, the plot for Dead Silence is wonderfully engaging. Is it horrifyingly scarily… no, not really. There are definitely a few jumpy moments and it does get the blood pumping on occasions, but I have certainly seen scarier films in my time. With that said, I don’t think the intention of Dead Silence was to provide a real spook-fest.

It was quite a clever narrative and although there were occasions where it may have seemed like it was going down the road of your typical horror film (the use of dolls, the introduction of ghosts and spirits, untimely deaths to pivotal characters) it let you know that there really was more to it. It definitely keeps you guessing. Don’t give up on it because anybody who appreciates a good storyline and twist will be in for a treat.

Masterful Use of Light and Sound

These filmmakers really know what they’re doing. If the success of Saw is anything to go by then it becomes quite clear that they know how to captivate an audience. Some smaller things that director James Wan can be credited for really do add to the entire feel and ambience of the movie. A lot of scenes shot at night and in the dark help to set the mood, as do the numerous scenes in the pouring rain. The lighting was brilliant for building suspense and combined with the music had my eyes peeled open as I waited to see what was going happen next.

Both Kwanten and Wahlberg put in brave performances. The credibility of an actor can plummet during a horror film, especially if their role is cheesy and underwhelming but both men escape any negative criticisms and only add to the movies overall reputation and status.

If you like an engaging horror film then you will be sure to take something out of Dead Silence. At a crisp running time of 91 minutes and with the intriguing tagline, ‘You Scream, You Die’, there is sure to be something you can enjoy about this one!