Mother’s Day for Seniors – Mature & Meaningful Ways to Celebrate

There are a number of older mothers out there who do not feel included in celebrations of Mother’s Day. Let this be a year when they become proactive to use the occasion to observe and reflect on their own journeys as mothers as well as that of all the mothers who went before them.

Older Adults May Celebrate Mother’s Day in Different Ways Than Before

Although the days of being handed a homemade card by a child may occur less often, true enjoyment of Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be gone. There are affordable ways to show appreciation to an elderly mother while creating memories which live on for years. Some moms are sandwiched in between their adult children and aging parents.

To celebrate the older mother, sit down and write a letter, using larger font if done on computer to make for ease of reading, expressing appreciation for moments you hold dear. To get started, think of the things which should be said but somehow haven’t yet been. Such a communication does not have to be idealized, but can be honest and even relating understanding of some of the challenges she faced. It will be read and re-read, and dearly cherished by the recipient. If the mother has passed on, the activity still has value since memories are often what the future is steered by.

To celebrate a younger senior’s Mother’s Day, take some time to reflect on the experience of motherhood, and what being a mother has meant. And, yes, there will still be cards or gifts from the children. However, the time spent reminiscing on the role of being a mom will make every day a bit more shiny. It may also provide a great gift at some time in the future to pass on to the adult children. It is also quite appropriate to treat oneself to a gift or an enjoyable event.

Senior Women Celebrate Mother’s Day

There are many ways to celebrate with older moms.

  • Celebrate Mother’s Day with food. If mom lives nearby, consider cooking a special treat or even a meal in her honor, or take her out to her favorite restaurant. If she lives farther away, there are places that cater such meals, so it might be worth looking into.
  • Flowers are a great Mother’s Day gift. They can be delivered personally from the backyard flowerbed, or even done by long-distance by using a local florist or online provider. Most mothers would rather receive flowers while they are alive than after they die.
  • Friends make Mother’s Day or any day better. Take her to visit a special friend she doesn’t get to see often, or bring the friend to see her.
  • Fun times on Mother’s Day are worth the effort. Do something with Mom which holds fond memories. It can be as simple as planting a flower or herb planter or baking cookies together to share with grandchildren, great grandchildren, or neighbor kids. A trip to the museum, a play, renting a favorite movie to watch together, or even a game of cards may hit the spot.

Older Adults May Celebrate Mother’s Day With Forgiveness

There are situations where a senior finds it hard to celebrate Mother’s Day due to unresolved issues which cloud the appreciation of motherhood. Why not consider this holiday a suitable time to give some time and energy to forgiving that mother for whatever problems she had that made her a less than great mother. The process leading to an act of forgiveness not only reduces closely held tension but paves the way for growth and improvement of future relationships of any kind.