Mother’s Day Meditation

A Mother’s Day meditation can be done alone or in a group setting. It can be particularly nice during a church service on Mother’s Day. It doesn’t matter if the mother is living or deceased. This is a joyous meditation made to bring back fond memories.

How to Meditate

Prepare by sitting upright comfortably. While the eyes begin to close, start taking relaxing breaths. Clear the mind of all thoughts and focus only on the moment. Try to envision your mother in the mind’s eye. Try to see as much detail as possible. See the twinkle in her eye and the smile on her face.

Mother’s Day Meditation

Think back on some of the best memories from childhood. Remember the way mom was always there. Try to recall some of your earliest memories of her. Recount some of the funnier incidents that took place with mom.

Was it a moment you got caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing or did mom do something really silly that made you burst out in laughter? Allow a smile to form and if a chuckle comes out, that’s OK. This is a happiness meditation.

Think of all the great things that mom has done and take a moment to mentally thank her. Now, envision love being sent to her. This can be in the form of hearts, flowers, or whatever represents love to you. This is a chance to give back all of the love mom has shown.

Mother’s Day Prayers

It would now be a great opportunity to offer up a prayer for mom. In fact, a lovely though would be to offer a prayer to all moms. For those of certain religious backgrounds, a prayer might be offered to the Virgin Mary or to Mother Earth.

Before ending this meditation, recall mom’s face in the mind’s eye. Take a moment to feel all of the love that has been given. Rejoice in knowing that wherever mom is, she will appreciate the love that was sent to her today.

A Mother’s Day meditation is meant to bring back some happy memories that people shared with their moms. This joyous meditation doesn’t just have to be for Mother’s Day. Perform it anytime when wanting to feel a mother’s love and send her some at the same time. This meditation can be a great ice breaker allowing other people to share their own funny stories.