Paper Doily Flowers, Cards, and Crafts for Mother’s Day and More

Paper doilies are an inexpensive craft item that offers many opportunities to create pretty crafts for mothers, grandmothers, and teachers. Decorate and send a doily-decorated card for a holiday greeting or adapt it as an invitation to a tea party or dress up party.

The following crafts use small doilies. If white is the only color available, follow the directions below to dye the doilies in whatever color is desired. Some doilies have a solid circle at the center while others are totally lacy. Different doilies work better for some projects than others.

Lace Doily Sachet

A sachet is a small pouch filled with sweet-smelling plants. It can be place in a clothing drawer or hung from a hanger in the closet to make clothes smell nice. Take two small doilies with solid circle centers. Add hot glue three-quarters of the way around the center circle. Set the second doily on top to create a pouch in the middle of the shape.

Add in some lavender or potpourri and use the hot glue to seal the opening in the center. Cut a four-to-six-inch piece of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and hot glue the two ends to one side of the filled part of the sachet. This creates a loop to hang the sachet. If desired, hot glue some rhinestones or small ribbon flowers to the center of the sachet. Stay away from glitter, which will rub off on clothing.

Flower Bouquet From Doilies

Use two to four small doilies and one chenille stem to make each flower. Make an “okay” sign by holding the tips of the index finger and thumb of one hand together. Set a small paper doily over the okay sign. Poke the index finger of the free hand against the doily and push it through the okay sign.

Take the scrunched doily and give a twist to the bottom. Make a total of two to four scrunched doilies. Now, hold the doilies together by the twisted bases. Wrap one end of the chenille stem around all of the doilies, anchoring them together. Add a few drops of glue to hold the doilies to one another. If desired, cut on or two leaves from construction paper and slid up the chenille stem.

Present a single flower in a bud vase or create an entire bouquet.

Cut Paper Card With Doilies

Turn the flower shapes that create the lace pattern of doilies into art. Cut out the flower shapes that decorate the outer circle of the doily. Glue onto a folded piece of cardstock, using the flowers as single blossoms in a bouquet or as blooms in a garden scene. Add other details with markers or paints and the front of the card is complete.

Doily Art for Kids

Incorporate doilies into texture rubbings by cutting apart doilies and creating a pattern or picture. Glue the pieces onto paper and allow the glue to dry completely. Set a piece of paper over the doily-decorated paper. Peel the paper off of a crayon. Lay the crayon flat and rub it over the paper with enough pressure to reveal the texture of the doilies underneath.

Doilies also work well with splatter painting. For example, fill a spray bottle with liquid watercolor paint or food coloring-tinted water. Set a doily, or several overlapping doilies, on a sheet of paper and spray. The color will go through the openings in the lace.

Spraying, or painting, the doilies with watercolors is an easy way to add color to white doilies. Or, quickly dip doilies in a bowl or tinted water. Avoid saturating doilies as they will fall apart. Coloring the doilies adds more options to creating the flower, card, or sachet.